Life School Message (LSM)


Really ? ! # % *

Dearest Darling Friends, I met a school friend Sanjay, after 25 years. Both of us had recently celebrated our 45th birthday As a formality, he asked me, ‘How are you?’ With excitement I shared about the had huge goals I had for life ahead. It was a mistake!!!

‘Cut out poison’ and more

Dearest Darlings, Last week’s post got us some outstanding feedbacks and responses. Thanks a ton. Engagement with our darling readers, makes our writing efforts, completely worthwhile. One reader remarked, ‘Having written the top 5, I feel I have a clear purpose for 2015. Could you please guide us further on enhancing the quality of life?’

Now what !!!

Dearest Darling Friends, Here we are, at the beginning of 2015, with a clean slate, new goals set, resolutions made, and plans to take life head on. We might even have decided on ‘word for the year’.


Dancing With Tigers (DWT) – Batch 23
Age – 16 to 20 years
Starting from 30th October 2017

Lets Explore – Batch 114
Age – 21 onwards
Starting on 31st October 2017